72 hour eviction notice

72 Hour Eviction Notice

Final Eviction Notice

The “72 hour notice” is  the last notice of eviction that a tenant will be given before an eviction is carried out by the marshal, sheriff, or constable.

The 72 hour notice of eviction will basically inform the former tenant that if he or she does not vacate the premises within 72 hours, the eviction will take place anytime thereafter without further notice.

RPAPL § 749.2 requires that the marshal, sheriff, or constable to whom the warrant of eviction is directed and delivered give notice of at least 72 hours to a person or persons to be evicted. The 72 hour period excludes “any period which occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.” The notice must be in writing.

The sheriff, marshal, or constable is authorized to remove  a tenant’s personal property of value left in the premises.  A tenant’s property may be held in storage by the landlord, placed in storage facility, or placed at the curb. What happens to a tenant’s personal property will depend on what is required in that particular jurisdiction.

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